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Ultimate Mushroom Box

Ultimate Mushroom Box

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This is the definitive choice for the true gourmand! If you are looking for a way to punch up a dish, get additional health benefits naturally, and want to help improve the planet, then eat mushrooms regularly!

Each month, your Luxury Box will be brimming over with the very best selection Cremini, Portobello, Oyster mushrooms of every color, Brown and White Beech mushrooms, Shiitake, Maitake, as well as will include Lion’s Mane, and a premium selection of either Dried Morels, Dried Chantrelles, or Dried Truffles.

Tender morel mushrooms are known for their light texture and ease of cooking. Quickly sautéing them in butter with onions or shallots brings out their woodsy, nutty flavor, which you can then serve alongside grilled steak or incorporate into a pasta sauce or risotto. Truffles are truly irresistible because of their taste and their aroma. Everyone associates truffles with luxury. Truffles, pound for pound, are one of the most expensive foods you can buy.

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