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Phoenix Fungi

Premier Fresh Mushroom Box

Premier Fresh Mushroom Box

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A beautiful bouquet of delicious mushrooms hand delivered to you!

Each delivery receive a box of hand curated organic mushrooms hand delivered to your door. Varieties change each month depending on what is being grown at that time including: White Button mushrooms, Portobello, Cremini, Shiitake, Oyster mushrooms, (King, Pearl, Pink, and Golden) Lion's Maine, and both Brown and White Beech mushrooms. New varieties available as they are grown will be added. Please ensure to fully fill out contact information so monthly deliveries can be coordinated.

From soups, to main or side dishes, fresh mushrooms are a healthy, flavorful, low calorie, nonfat addition to your meal. Mushrooms can have endless uses in your recipes; some benefits to adding fresh mushrooms to your meal can include boosting your immune system, managing stress, helping lose weight, strengthening bones, and helping support your immune system with different states of health. 


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