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Supreme Dried Morel Box

Supreme Dried Morel Box

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 Imagine each and every month opening your box of one of the world's greatest treasures. Morel mushrooms are one of the most valued and loved culinary delights the world has ever known. We invite you to join us in the one of the rarest and ultimate culinary delights the world has to offer.

Simply delicious; mushroom enthusiasts can’ get enough of morels! Great for adding an earthy, woodsy, nutty, or a mild smokiness to your dish. Morels work best in recipes with light flavors that will complement their simplicity and earthiness without overpowering their delicate taste. Morel mushrooms are wild mushrooms foraged from wooded areas during the spring months, usually March to June. The morels used in cooking are small mushrooms but pack a flavor that will delight in every bite. 

Tender morel mushrooms are known for their light texture and ease of cooking. Quickly sautéeing them in butter with onions or shallots brings out their woodsy, nutty flavor, which you can then serve alongside grilled steak or incorporate into a pasta sauce or risotto.

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