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Luxury Dried Mushroom Box

Luxury Dried Mushroom Box

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The Ultimate Culinary Delight!

Cooking with dried mushrooms is easy; they pack a big flavor to your dish, retain all their medicinal and immune-boosting properties, and there is absolutely no waste! Experience the different flavors that your dried mushrooms will bring in your recipes, too.

Each month you will receive a box of curated, dried, organic mushrooms hand delivered to your door. Based on seasonal availability and freshness, your box will include White Button, Portobello, Cremini, Shiitake, Oyster, (King, Pearl, Pink, and Golden) Lion's Mane, and Brown and White Beech. New varieties can be added at any time.

Our dried box makes a terrific gift too because of the varieties, great flavor, and long shelf-life.

You can continue to use these mushrooms just like fresh after reconstituting in water, cream, or broth for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. Dried mushrooms also provide unique and wonderful concentrated flavors when ground and used in sauces, reductions, and other slow cooking methods. 

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