Why Phoenix Fungi?

Why should you buy from Phoenix Fungi?

First and foremost, the mushrooms you receive are from the oldest organic mushroom farm in Southern California, grown and tended to with love by a close-knit family, who have spent their lives perfecting the science of growing mushrooms. Phoenix Fungi, the brand name of our mushroom products, was launched by Healthy Harvest Mushrooms, Inc., a California corporation to upgrade the distribution of mushrooms throughout America.

Each of our beautiful and exciting mushroom varieties grown on the farm (not including the wild crafted mushrooms) are grown organically and with environmentally sustainable practices, indoors for the highest quality and taste, the same these mushrooms have been grown since 1952.

Phoenix Fungi provides the best value for your money anywhere. For example, our Luxury Box, which we charge $100 plus shipping and handling for, and if you purchased these mushrooms at a store, you would pay twice as much for half the amount. With this in mind, you can experience the true luxury of having varietals delivered to your front door that were previously only available to the most exclusive restaurants and consumers. 

Phoenix Fungi delivers fresh mushrooms the same day they are picked. When you buy mushrooms from a retail market, they often have been picked over two weeks ago, often shipped from different countries, with no idea as to any pesticides or contaminants that you would be eating.

With Phoenix Fungi, you know without a shadow of a doubt that the mushrooms you will be receiving are the freshest, most nutritious, and highest quality anywhere on earth.